Student’s Council

 In the “ Harry Fultz” school (common as in other schools), everyone has the right to be represented. Each academic year, the senators and deputy of each class are elected, representing the respective classes in the Student Council.


The Student Council has elaborated clear objectives for the protection of students’ rights and freedom and the practical process of learning about the democratic rules and norms. An extensive representation makes possible of enjoying an active life in school and beyond. The Student Council is responsible for transmitting everyone’s opinion to the highest governing bodies of the school. This group of dedicated students provides a special support to the development of curricular and non-curricular activities and projects in the school. So it is about a government of students, by students and for students. At the head of the Student Council stands the School President, who is elected by direct student polling. Then the Board of Student Council is elected from the Student Council. Following the election of the president, the Senate Oath ceremony is held under the protocols set forth in the school constitution.


For the academic year 2017 – 2018 the presidential elections were held in October, where the winner was declared Aldi Shehu.  

Student’s Council

Aldi SHEHU – Senate President and Organizer of the Cogitation Club

Fabio RECI – Vice President and Coordinator of Activities

Ines MUKA – First Secretary and Coordinator of Scientific and Technical Clubs

Kristi KAVAJA – Coordinator of Artistic Clubs

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