Meet with ALUMNI

Eneida Allkoçi

I graduated in 1999. I’m lucky to be part of this school. Disciplined work, disciplined behavior, incredibly correct teachers in their work and relationships with us … these influenced my understanding in my future … The logo of our school is not just a stamp but a symbol of tradition and trustworthiness . After graduating from the high school of electronics, I returned to Fultz as part of the staff I have always highly praised. I still continue to be the “pupil” of this school, as my teachers have a point of reference and I try to learn every day from their many years of experience. I am already part of this school’s staff, Head of Electronics Department. HFI Alumni I see it as an impetus and a more opportunity to be reunited with former schoolmates and schoolmates, as well as with my former students. This move will help us to unite the roots.
Message: Studying at Harry Fultz is not just an educational opportunity. Studying at Harry Fultz means doing a favor of yourself professionally and humanly. It is one of those riches that can not get any, no one can change it. Every day should be seen as a more opportunity for the future.

I graduated in 2006. Recall years of super dynamic. I come from a long family tradition who have completed studies at the Former Polytechnic, later Harry Fultz. Legends heard, turned into my living experiences. I’m connected with these environments. There are memories in every corner. HFI provides an excellent environment for socializing, different groups, school papers, etc. This school has shaped me to be what I am today. Individual ambitions have no end, but foundations are very important. I have completed high studies for Political / Social Science. Save very good relationships with all of your former classmates, as well as with your current colleagues. Today I come every day to Fultz, after being employed in the framework of cooperation with Alumni. Aluminum is a core movement, very important and I am extremely enthusiastic that is getting bigger. I’m Human Resources Manager at Harry Fultz Institute.
Message: Evaluate the opportunities you are given on campus to become someone tomorrow, but above all, evaluate the historical tradition that this school conveys over the years.

Ermeona Arifi

HFI Alumni Staff

Because we study and work together!


Klarens Hoxha – Electronic Teacher

Eneida Allkoçi – Head of electronics department

Ernaso Kërbizi – Director of Community College

Alketa Muçalla – Electronic Teacher

Igli Llambiri – Network Administrator

Ermeona Arifi – Human Resources Administrator

Moisi Xhaferaj – Electronic Teacher

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