The library is a very important, unrelated, functional part of the Harry Fultz school.

In October 2003, the Board decided that the School Library should be named “Miriam Leslie Center”, in honor of Ms. Miriam Leslie, a member of the Board of the Albanian American Foundation in Virginia, which has made a valuable contribution to the development of the Harry Fultz Institute.

With a wealth of 42,000 books in English and in Albanian, it is a center for exchanging literature, experience, receiving and providing information. The library serves all pupils and teachers of the school.

The monthly magazine “Laboremus” has a great collaboration with the library, which serves as information for all the activities that are held and reflected thereafter.

Beside our library finds scientific books, works of art, encyclopedias, numerous dictionaries and media publications. The school library is ap- notched every year with new scientific books suggested by the teachers of the respective fields covering this school: electronics, business and automotive. the library is constantly enriched with artistic books in both languages. The selection of books is made by the students’ thoughts on the most popular themes, since in the end the pupils are primary. The cheerful nights during the activities on the one hand and the silence during the study on the other hand, are dominant in the library of our school.

Pupils and teachers can use it all day long.

The library has at its disposal comfortable and contemporary facilities such as a literature room, a seminar, a mass media, a reception lounge and a meeting room, an internet center that functions not only for our students but also for college students. For the last 15 years, Winnebago’s book-entry program is used, which provides more detailed information about books. This program creates facilities for both library staff and readers to find the book by author or title.

The school library is used throughout the day for study and for various activities organized by each department of the school, including the activities provided by the library staff.

School activities are reflected in the main lobby where each pupil finds himself in the photos showing their one-year work.

                                    The staff of the Library, Dhurata Tahiri

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