Laboremus Newspaper

“Laboremus” is the forum that conveys the voice of the students. It is the beautiful and accurate reflection of the school spirit. Through the diversity of content, the paper aims to become a living and a precious guide to school affairs. It explores the academic and pedagogical experience of the school, deals with various issues of students’ interest, informs, entertains…


A little bit history of it


The first issue of the magazine came out on November 28-th 1924 and each year the school’s birthday was celebrated. For the matter it has edited, the “Laboremus” has been the voice of the school and the most faithful reflection of the life and activity of that institution in all teaching and extracurricular phenomena. The high level of mastering English, especially by high school students, made them fully possible to utilize plenty of foreign literature thus harvesting lots of encyclopedic matter.


The magazine has carried out a very valuable work to promote the progressive element towards attracting industry-building as a fundamental element in the country’s economic development. To directly help in the formation of students, the magazine became a prominent teaching tribune and a prudent teacher. To help in educating  people with a better cultural life, the magazine was often involved in presenting, propagating and analyzing civic and legal norms.


Under the guidance of the best teachers, “Laboremus” became attentive to the acute problems of time in Albania, thus presenting itself as a profound and courageous analyst.


A great merit of the magazine is even the encouragement of students’ literary gift thus cultivating the Albanian national culture. So much was the literary creation of students incited that hardly any magazine number would be found to have not an original or translated poetry from students’ hands.


Eventually, due to the variety of the subject matter, its volume and the thorough Albanian spirit that ever permeated the published material, the magazine became a second major educational institution with a significant and sustained impact on student formation. So it was appreciated and loved by the youth and not only them by all those who picked and read it.

The recognition of “Laboremus” exceeded the state boundaries and its voice went far beyond the ocean to the USA. Partially published in English, “Laboremus” was exchanged with 72 other sisterly ones in the United States and hired to 12 other countries of the world. This distribution and this recognition made so many readers, who knew to find precious information on its pages. That is why it was awarded three times with significant US prices. In March 1929, the publishing company of the Columbia University in New York gave “Laboremus” the first prize among the four kinds of prizes by setting it among the five to six most famous American educational magazines in USA. About 3 years later, “Laboremus” achieved another important victory in the competition made by The Columbia Scholastic Press Association. In this competition “Laboremus” won the first 90 point prize, accompanied by a medal, with the following text: “We do not know any school magazine, which for the intense interest aroused, the variety of content and the reflection of the beautiful spirit of the school overcomes the “Laboremus”, published and printed by the boys of the Technical School of Tirana.”  It has not been a full year gone to have enjoyed that second success when the magazine won the “Medalist” prize awarded by the notable New York society, chosen among the six school magazines that were presented in the USA.
For its indisputable values ​​as a loving and pleasant second school, the magazine became an inseparable part of the school life of students. In the end, it would be nice to get acquainted with some verses that the great personality, Father Shtjefen Gjeçov,  dedicated to the magazine, in its 6-th edition in 1925.


On a pondering day,

My eyes wondered on the “Laboremus”

And watching it through,

What’s there in that “Laboremus”

In “Laboremus” you find teachings

Even  labour makes your greed

Principles there you find

If perpetually you do read.  

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