Harry Fultz Biography

December 29-th, 1888 –   December 30-ieth, 1980

Harry T. Fultz was born in Salem, Indiana, USA. Initially, he graduated from Wabash College in Indiana and later at the Amarou Technological University in the branch of Mechanics. Until 1922, he worked as a lecturer in various educational institutions in America. During this period, there was a two-year break (1917 – 1919) due to military service.

 In 1922, the American Red Cross appointed the mechanical arts professor, the 34-year-old Harry T. Fultz, the Technical School Director, Tirana. Through its work, the Technical School drew the attention of the opinion of the time as a high quality school. His pedagogy at work as a leader relied on the motto “Learning by doing” which he himself applied first. The name of the journal “Laboremus” (which in Latin means “to work”) was also connected to the work cult. As a well distinguished pedagogue, he knew how to implement an extraordinary rule and discipline in school, to instill love for work, based on the famous American practicality. As an engineer with rare qualities, he made possible to build a school with high quality academic and technical training.

 Harry Fultz’s activity is a brilliant combination of pragmatic ideas, often intertwined with elements of education, of pedagogy where the word merges with action, where the passion for work melts with high professionalism, all that in front of a great personality as a contemporary teacher. He brought to our country the tradition and the best American school experience, applied new methods of teaching and learning and implemented dozens of projects, all performed t simply serve the preparing and forming of new technicians.

Memories of his former students are documentary evidence ​​that speak of an excellent model of the democratic teacher, distinguished for the scientific level, special organizational abilities in setting up the school organisms. They are evidence of a deep psycho-pedagogical experience and intuition, of a sensitivity to student situations, and the utmost effort to get close to being a teacher and a parent in any circumstance.

His mission ended in 1933 after 11 years work by leaving a great message to the generations of the school “Try to make your country a worthy place to live in it”.

During the Second World War, he worked for 4 years at the State Department and other US government agencies. From May 1945 to November 1946 he worked at the US diplomatic mission in Tirana and further in the US Embassy in Rome until spring 1947.

In the spring of 1947, he was appointed Director of the International Center, a mansion mainly for foreign students at the University of Chicago and stayed in the post until he retired in 1962. During these years (1947 – 1962), he also worked as the Secretary of the Pan-American Board of Education.

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