The goals of Vocational Education in “Auto-mechanics”  

The main purpose of the vocational education in “Auto-mechanics” is to educate and prepare students theoretically and internally through various basic theoretical and professional subjects, through laboratory and teaching practices to make them feel fully capable in getting employed in the areas that this special branch prepares. This is achieved through being educated in subjects like:

a) Automotive Knowledge, Construction and Operation,

b) Control and Detection of Car Defects,

c) The Use of a Car Computer System,

d) Maintenance of Automotive Equipment and Systems,

e) Knowledge on Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems,

f) Knowledge on the Air Transport,

g) Organization of Labor and Management of the Service Shop.  


The general skills that the student is equipped at the end of vocational education in the direction of “Auto-mechanics”

At the end of vocational education in the “Auto-mechanics” course, the student will be with the following general skills equipped:

  • Communicating correctly in written and verbal forms to express their opinions and to argue them on various issues.
  • Using different sources and techniques on gathering and using the information necessary for its personal and professional development.
  • Respecting the principles of group work and cooperating actively in achieving the agreed objectives.


Professional skills of students are equipped at the end of vocational education in the direction of “Auto-mechanics”

With the successful completion of vocational education in the “Auto-mechanics” course, the student will be able to perform the following professional competencies:

  • Managing the work in the service shop where he/she carries out the activity.
  • Organizing the workplace in the service shop and being capable to use the main tools and equipment of the service.
  • Capable of performing the Car Diagnostic Control.
  • Carrying out actions to purchase and sell car spare parts.
  • Being capable to work in state institutions in terms of maintenance and management of means of transport.
  • Working as a manager and a technician in the car sales sector.
  • Implementing the rules on occupational safety and environmental protection.’


The Opportunities for employment and further education at the end of vocational education in the “Auto-mechanics”

  • Successful completion of vocational education in the direction of “Auto-mechanics” provides the student with the certificate of a qualified employee. This vocational education offers the opportunity to address to the labor market as qualified employees in different entities for carrying out activities related to the field of service and repair of cars, as service managers or self-employed in his service.
  • With regard to further education, the student is able to continue his/ her studies at the Department of Transportation Engineering or similar branches at the Polytechnic University.
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