Season for programs and services

Season for programs and services

-Computer Network Administration (6 months); IT Specialist (3 months); CISCO – CCNA (3 months); Smartphone technician; Graphics and Design (9 months); Digital Photography (4 months); Car Service (Automotive, Motorist, Car Electronics – 9 months); Electrical Specialist (4 months); Hydraulic Technician (3 months); HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning).

-Foreign Languages: English; German; Italian, French; Spanish.

– Engineering courses: AutoCAD 2D / 3D; Sap 2000; AutoCAD Map / Civil, GIS, WaterCAD.

-Other courses: Programming languages ​​(C / C ++ and Java); Adobe Indesign / Illustrator; Photoshop; 3ds Max.

– New Courses: Digital Marketing (3 months), Linux Specialist (2 months – basic level; 4 months – Sys Admin), SAP ABAP (3 months), Aviation Courses (3-5 months).

–For more information or registration write or call us: 35542228746; 0682060128

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