“Free to go, free to stay…”

“Free to go, free to stay…”

It is the project part of which our school has become. Yesterday the auditorium hall was full of guests: parents, teachers and representatives of Caritas Tirana – DurrĂ«s to whom we are thankful not only for the presence but also for the possibility of cooperation.

Immigration is an ancient and contemporary history. He escaped after the death of Skanderbeg. For 20 years, this reinvented wound still languishes. Today many young people leave with the good hope of returning one day … a day which for many remains merely a dream.

Our students have made projects on this subject. Many of our collaborations with each other, with teachers, are about this problem. We are at the crossroads of life where we need to decide for our future. And yet if everything was left in the sheets, the conversation of the screens would not be just a theory that goes no further than sensitization. But we want to go further!

We met and decided that we were able to help people with fewer opportunities in our society: the Roma community of Shkoza, the families in need and the children who do not see.

“doing so by  bringing a little joy, wake up hope for a better future.” – Mother Teresa

The “Gomonia” drama staged by the National Theater with GĂ«zim Kame’s screenplay became the motif that helped us present our projects to convey our message: “We’re all in a boat!”  consequently by “Gomone of Death” in “Boats of hope. “

If a day of destiny sends you away … Remember that Eagles fly away, but the nest is on the ground. Remember that the roots do not migrate, they are on this site waiting for us.

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