I’ll greet you all with respect and pleasure!

If today, each one of us is seeking the best on education and training, especially for our children then we need to deal with the most advanced forms of cultural and scientific expression; we need to deepen our KNOWLEDGE. Today, with the frequent use of the word "expansion", I believe that above all we need an expansion of THOUGHT. This can be done only in a school where teaching strategies are based on programs, textbooks and modern methods that are very useful for our students.

Institute "Harry Fultz", through goals and academic expectations, is offering all the possibilities to make you feel part of an academic environment: a consolidated system, a combination of the academic and technical preparation, a close relation of theory and practice, as well as everything conducted by a qualified teaching staff within and outside the country, dedicated and ready for a contemporary creative methodical work.

In this context, I mention the modern logistics, the rich library, the gym and the leisure facilities, friendly communication and a cultured social life, a new whole campus where learning and pleasure are in perfect harmony.