Student's Council

Everyone has his right to be represented in “Harry Fultz” Institute (rarely in other schools). Every academic year, we choose senators and vice senators in each class, representing their classes in the student council.

The student’s council has clear objectives for the rights and student’s liberty defense, learning the practice of rules and norms of democracy; a broad representation which enables an organization of active school life and beyond. Student Council is responsible for the transmission of thought in the highest governing bodies of school. This dedicated group of students provides a special support for project development and curricular and non-curricular activities for school students. So, we are talking for a student government; from students, to students. On top of the Student Council stands the President of the school who is elected by direct vote of the students. Then, the board of student council is elected from the ranks of the Student Council. After their election, the Ceremony of Senate oath, according to predefined protocols of School Constitution.

During 2016 – 2017, the election for president took place in October, 2016 and the winner was Klea Bega.


Student's Council

President: Aldi SHEHU

Senate: Fabio RECI, Ines MUKA, Kristi KAVAJA

Student's Council In Years