Where Do Our Students Study!

Aleksander Bello, California Institute of Technology, USA.   Alba Patozi, St. Clare's International   Baccalaureate Oxford college

Students of "Harry Fultz" are among excellent students in the best universities of the world. The high level of scientific knowledge has ranked them first in the competition for admission, but also ensure the continuation of studies with university scholarships.

After completing two successful year at Harry Fultz, student Alba Patozi started pre-university studies at S Ctlare’s International Baccalaureate one of the most prestigious colleges in Oxford.

Here it is, what she says about Harry Fultz: “While I am facing the great cultural, intellectual and social challenges, I can’t stay without looking back and analyzing the knowledge I was equipped with at Harry Fultz. I don’t refer only to the excellent teaching, which helped me set up the potential capacities I presented in UK, but also an extra curricular attention and dedication represented by overall activities for Harry Fultz promotion and success. Activities, forums or entrepreneurship where I have participated in, were just the committing experience which helped me face the multidimensional education barriers in UK.

Alexander Bello, graduated in 2011, is one of them. Today he is part of a group of selected students in Caltech, California Institute of Technology, and is ranked as one of the best.

Spiro Bajrami and Joli Dallamango, graduated in 2012, took first place and fifth in the admission competition in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

And they are many, in Tirana, Paris and London, Rome and Amsterdam, in Sofia as well as in Boston, everywhere around the world, well prepared disciplined students with clear objectives in order to be good citizens in the future.