The library is an important part of the school. The library has 35 000 books in English and Albanian language. It is a center of literature, experience and information interchange.

In the library, you can find scientific & artistic books, encyclopedias, various dictionaries and media publications. Continuously the library it is enriched with scientific and artistic books in both languages, English and Albanian. The students and the teachers can explore the library during all day.

It has comfortable and modern facilities, such as: literature hall, seminar’s hall, media’s hall, meeting’s hall, internet center which is used not only by our students, but even from the community college’s students. Since 3 years ago, we are using the Winnebago program for the book’s registration, which provides detailed information about them.

October 2003, the board decided to name the library “The Miriam Leslie center”, to honor Mrs. Miriam Leslie, member of board of the American-Albanian Foundation in Virginia, who gave a valuable contribution for the institute development.