The purpose of vocational training is the education young generation with modern technical knowledge and practical skills. The goal can not be realized without the existence of laboratories and practice rooms where the experiments help students to understand concepts, to observe and make phenomena in various fields, to connect theory with practice, to extend the theoretical knowledge, to acquire skills and practical skills.

Therefore, now we have 13 labs, 10 practice rooms and 5 demo classes.

In this labs students obtain access to use: experimental laboratory method and simulation method by computer programs, which exceed the limits set by the real possibilities laboratory.

Practice rooms and labs are used for:

  • Laboratory experiment
  • Practice work, creation and strengthening the practical skills
  • Computer simulation, fixing the theoretical concepts which can not be developed in the laboratory experiment.
  • Electronic measurements of sizes with different methods and their comparison
  • Independent student’s work
  • Different presentations
  • Further teacher’s qualifications

To complete student’s knowledge, we apply different visits in various businesses, such as: Telecom, television, insurance company, banks, different companies and services.