Laboremus Newspaper

"Laboremus" is the forum that conveys the voice of students. It is the beautiful reflection of the true spirit of the school. Through content, the newspaper aims to be a living guide for school issues. It argues academic and pedagogical experience of the school, addresses various issues of interest to students, informs, entertains...

Brief story

The magazine's first issue was published on November 28, 1924, and its birthday was celebrated every year. "Laboremus" was the voice of the school, was a faithful mirror of the life and the activity of the institution in all academic and extracurricular phenomena. Acquisition of English, especially from upper class students, helped them to use foreign literature to collect rich encyclopedic subjects. The magazine did an important job to promote progressive element toward the temptation, for the establishment of the industry as an essential element in economic development. To assist the formation of students, the magazine became a teacher and a wise professor. To help the education of the human being, the magazines often dealt with the presentation, dissemination and analysis of civil and legal norms. Under the leadership of the best teachers, "Laboremus" was aware of the acute problems of time in Albania, appearing as a profound analyst and sturdy. The great merit of the magazine, which refers to the cultivation of the Albanian national culture, is also encouraging the student literary trends. Literary creativity of students increased rapidly, so it is difficult to find any number of the magazine that is not original or a non translated poem from the hand of the students. The variety of material, its volume and its Albanian spirit permeate the published material. The magazine became a second major school with significant impact and sustainable in the formation of students. Therefore it was assessed and valuated from the majority of young people and adults, from all those who read it. Evaluation of "Laboremus" came across the borders and its voice went beyond the ocean, up in the U.S. The partial publishing in English language was exchanged with 72 counterparts in the U.S. and was expanded to 12 other countries worldwide. Its distribution and recognition were so great, therefore collected many readers who found the precious value in its pages. Thus was assessed three times with significant awards in the U.S. In March 1929, the publishing company of Columbia University in New York gave to the newspaper the first prize between 4 awards that were distributed, by determining the place of honor among the five or six famous American magazines. About 3 years later, "Laboremus" reached another important victory in the competition of school magazines organized by "The Scholastic Columbia Press Association."

In this competition, "Laboremus" won the first prize with 90 points, coupled with the medal, with this text: "We do not know of any school magazine, which for the interest aroused, the diversity of content and for the reflection of the beautiful soul school passed "Laboremus", published and printed by the boys of technical school in Tirana.”

At the end of the year came the big news, the third victory of "Laboremus" which won the "medalist" prize among six school magazines that were presented in the U.S. For its unquestionable value as a second loving and pleasant school, the magazine became an integral part of school life of students. It would be better to read with some beautiful verses from Father Shtjefen Gjeçovi, devoted personality, in magazine’s number 6 in 1925.

Nje dite ishe tuj mendue
Nder sy kishe “Laboremus”

Edhe ishe tuj veshtrue
Shka po flet ky “Laboremus”


Ne “Laboremus” ti gjen mesime,
Por ne daç punes mprapa me i ra,

Aty gjen edhe parime,
Porse kendoje pa ja da!

You were thinking one day
You were looking at “Laboremus”

You were observing it
Asking your self what does this mean


You learn a lot from “Laboremus”
If you want to work hard

there are a lot of principles you can find
Therefore, don’t stop reading!

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