Harry T. Fultz biography

29 December 1888 – 30 December 1980
Harry T. Fultz was born in Salem, Indiana. He graduated in Wabash College in Indiana and later in the “Amarou” technology university, mechanic branch. He worked as professor until 1922 in different educational institution in USA. During this period he had a gap of two years (1917 – 1919) due to military service.

In 1922, the American Red Cross appointed the professor of mechanical arts, the 34-years-old Harry T. Fultz, as a Director of the Technical School in Tirana. Through his work, the Technical School drew public attention as high quality school. His pedagogy was based on "Learning by doing" (learning through practice), undertaken first al all from himself. The name of the school and the "Laboremus" magazine; (to work) was connected with the cult of working. As distinguished lecturer he knew to provide tremendous order and discipline in the school, to instil the love for the work, based on the famous American practicity. He knew how to build a school with the academic preparation of high technical quality.

Harry Fultz event is an excellent combination of pragmatic ideas, often intertwined with elements of education, labor pedagogy where the word has a unity of action, where the passion for work is melt with high professionalism, facing a majestic personality of a contemporary teacher, all merged into one. He brought to our country the best the tradition of the American school, implemented new teaching and learning methods, implemented dozens of projects, everything in the service of preparation and training of new technicians. Memories of his former students are values that speak for an excellent model of the democrat teacher, known for his scientific level, organizational skills. They are evidence of a deeper experience and intuition of psycho-pedagogical, and sensitivity to student’s situations to help them as a teacher and parent under any circumstances.

His mission ended in 1933 after 11 years, leaving a message for the generations of the school "Try to make a decent place to live in." During 2nd World War he worked four years at the State Department and other agencies of the US government. From May 1945 to November 1946 he worked at the US diplomatic mission in Tirana and at the American Embassy in Rome until the spring of 1947.

In the spring of 1947 he was appointed as the Director of the International Centre, a mansion of mainly foreign students at the University of Chicago and remained in this post until he retired in 1962. During these years, he also worked as the secretary of the Panamerican Board of Education (1947 - 1962).