Values of "Harry Fultz" College

Professional Teaching. We ensure a professional teaching which fulfills the needs of students in our decision makin

Excellent Staff. We are dedicated to fulfilling high academic standards, quality service and continuous development, rigorous recruitment of the staff and instructors.

Diversity and a wide range of Co-Operations. Our intentions of building different relations in the community, mainly in dedicated teaching to reach success, which includes students and staff

Community. We develop internal and external co-operations/consortiums which include division of the resources, information and ideas of completing economical, social and educational needs of the community.

Team work. We create a positive posture of the work group concept which we value and appreciate the input that everyone makes. Our work is based on a strong foundation of trust, power and co-operation.

Integrity and reliability. We ensure a environment which encourages brainstorming and idea discussions. Information and ideas are then used to give decision making a meaning, to ensure the resources, to establish strategic directions and to reach our goals

Excellent academic performance. We are focused and devoted to reaching high results which are the base of our mission, the fulfillment of our intentions and strategic objectives.

Effective Administration. We are effective and ethical administrators to the resources that are trusted to us. Research, use, financial and physical protection, human resources and technology are our mutual responsibility.