Oriented Career Counseling

In the continuation of the new projects in the field of education, "HFI" this year comes with a new service for its students as well as external service (in the future) for students of elementary schools and high schools who are getting prepared to continue their studies in university, at home and abroad. Career orientation for the new service is a necessary facilitator for the future of our students, helping them to select the appropriate field of higher studies in colleges, universities or vocational colleges. The career counseling is focused on measuring the three main features:

  • Student’s personality
  • Student’s interest
  • Student’s intelligence

... Combined with personal & individual counseling / online research, contacts with the respective universities / getting the right information about fees, payments, subjects of educational programs, testing, etc. For this reason, "HF" in the spring of this year, has opened a special office for this type of service being adapted for a nice environment consultancy.

Consulting-oriented career counseling has its focus on:

  • Consulting and individual conversations with school students and their parents
  • Orientation to the academic field according to their skills
  • Testing and evaluation of personality preferences and interests
  • Written reports on the performance of career counseling
  • Interpretation of personalized data: person-person, e-mail or phone
  • Interpersonal counseling


  • First University Fair – 9 November 2010

University Fair took place on November 9, 2010, in Tirana. Fair brought the Albanian students close to the best American and European universities & colleges. They provided study opportunities not only for the Harry Fultz Institute students, but also for all the participating students, from “Qemal Stafa High School, Sami Frasheri High School, Professional School of Economics, and Tirana International School - Private, Wilson Institute - Private. The activity welcomed about 1,000 participants..

Fair University attendees for 2010:

  • 10 from USA: Drexel University, Albion College, Moore College of Art & Design, Endicott College, Lynn University, Chapman University, Grinnell College, Brown University, Portland State, University Savannah College of Art and Design
  • 8 from Europa & UK: Davies, Laing & Dick College, UK; Abbey College, UK; American University in Bulgaria, American University of Kosovo, Jacobs University, Bremen; American University of Rome, Eurasia Institute, Germany, Bocconi University, Milano
  • Albania: ASAN (Albanian Students Abroad Network)

Impressions from University fair attendees

Thank you so much for all your hard work, sincere efforts, and kind heart. We all felt thoroughly welcomed to your school, Tirana, and Albania! Yes, I know this is the beginning of a wonderful and fruitful new relationship between Albania, and the participating universities.
Moore College of Art & Design

Thank you for your hospitality; it has been a privilege to attend the event and I am happy SCAD got to be part of it and interact with the Albanian students!
Savannah College of Art & Design

You're to be congratulated for such a splendid event! I was very pleased to be a part of it. Portland State University welcomes you and your talented students. I hope that you will have an opportunity to visit our campus. Everything was well organized and thoughtfully done.
Portland State University

Amazing work on putting everything together for yesterday's program! Your enthusiasm and energy beamed throughout the event. The student workers were phenomenal and did an excellent job with the translating and hospitality; you have much to be proud of with this group of kids and with the success of your program.
Chapman University

Thank you so much for the invitation and for delivering such a successful fair. We are already sharing great feedback with colleagues at the CIS Eastern Europe Tour. We much the fair is going to grow next year :) You guys did a fantastic job!!!! Congratulations to you and the whole team; we left Tirana super happy, the students are fantastic and the school did the best to make sure we feel welcome.
Lynn University

El honor fue nuestro de poder comenzar una nueva amistad y unos ambiciosos proyectos de colaboración entre ambas instituciones. Para mi, la feria fue todo un éxito y excelente oportunidad para promover los cursos que nuestro grupo ofrece. Si es posible agradece al Rector por facilitar nuestra presencia.
Abbey DLD College Manchester

Thank you for a wonderful visit to Tirana. Your students were amazing and I hope to see one or two of them on campus next year.
Albion College