“Harry Fultz” students at “Zyber Hallulli” orphanage

Everything starts with a smile, a hand shake and a warm meaningful word for everybody. Friday was closed with a non ordinary activity organized by our school students. It is now a tradition of our school students to collect every year aid in form of clothing, books and toys for orphan children of center “Zyber Hallulli”.

The enthusiasm was present on the face of every students contributing in this human meaningful activity. Students of class 1-3, 2-7, 3-1, 3-2, 3-2, 3-8 under the care of our school librarian afforded an artistic concert with dances, recitations, songs and different games, which were received and accompanied by warm clapping of orphanage children. They were unified with our students. Our students were seen as inviting and dancing with them hand by hand. In the end was also organized of course a football match. Everywhere you could see everyone was smiling!

How nice to see those children only smiling...