Olympic Day 2015

Education is an important part of modern civilization. Sports activities in our school help the harmonious development of young people for a peaceful society and preservation of human dignity.

Physical Education Department, during the academic year, realized 151 activities. Besides indoor activities, the department arranged some outdoor activities as well, with different schools of Tirana. Our school was represented by sports teams in football, basketball and volleyball (boys & girls).Since 1995, our sport teams have won 45 trophy and our school has been honoured as "SCHOOL OF CHAMPIONS". Here are some of these activities:

  • 26 sports games have been done by school teams: football, basketball, volleyball (boys & girls).
  • 125 sports games between school groups.
  •  500 –the total number of students` participation in activities.
Every year, our school has a tradition in arranging “The Olympic Day”. 150 students participate in a massive race to light the Olympic flame. This day is combined with artistic activities, a tradition going on for years, creating a festive and sportive atmosphere with all students and school teachers.