Comedy “Merry Couple”

Whenever there is too much devotion, success is there

At the end of the term, school theatre group successfully accomplished on stage another well-known Albanian comedy “Merry Couple”, applauded highly by the audience. The comedy produced in 1970-s, dealt with the relationship between generations, religious beliefs and individual adaptation with the mentality of that time  

The theatrical group at school started its preparation in January 2015. Students worked in groups to edit the script and update it. They made some adaption to school premises serving as stage performance. We have to say that this was not the first time they were producing such shows and doing all the preparations by themselves (making arrangements in scenario and dressing code), making proper arrangements on stage, making home arrangements, factory premises, posters on the walls, invitations. Not contented with materials from internet, they also took a trip to Shkodra city, where the show was performed for the first time in order to follow the initial tracks of this show.

That might seem a bit exaggerated, as it was not something required, but their persistence and devotion made them successful in the show. Whenever there is devotion the result is successful. It was the commitment that made them ignore origin and age differences-the second and third grade students had a close collaboration with the first grade students; the collaboration made them overcome other obstacles during the preparations.

It seemed that our comedy conveyed its message properly. That was proved by the students themselves through their performance and behavior. The show was performed on May 25th 2015, one day prior to final exams, but that had no influence on students’ active participation to support their friends to have good memories from school activities.

All that had only one name: PASSION! Yes, dear students, it is only your passion, that makes us see life with a new vision and hope that wherever life leads you, great honor shall be given to “FULTZ” name. Congratulations and further success.