“Fultz-i” in Debate!!

“If you realize a public work you have sued yourself against all the world!” These are the words of Saint Geronimo in old wisdom books. If you want to debate with “Harry Fultz” it means you should prepare well yourself as you have in front a really tough and powerful opponent!

A debate among high schools was organized in Tirana on general topic: “Should corruption be a priority in education, to reduce corruption in the country?” We were selected among the best 8 high schools in this debate. During the first stage our students were facing “Qemal Stafa” high school and were defending the thesis: “Education could not be a priority to reduce corruption in Albania!” Through facts and arguments accompanied by concrete examples we managed to convince the Jury and won the right to pass on to the next semifinal stage.

Facing with “Ismail Qemali” school found victorious once more our students. This time defending the thesis: “Corruption in education should be a priority to reduce education in our country!”. Final phase put us, as one of the strongest rivals, in front of “Sami Frashëri” school. A really interesting meeting! Both teams reflected serious preparation. The Jury composed of representatives of such prestigious organizations as OSCE, MASH and DART decided to honor our students with the second prize in this debate. Our students, together with “Sami Frashëri” students, are going to be part of a week trip in Vienna as winner and finalists of this meeting for Tirana city.

Without doubts when one sees young generation offering such righteous judgment for such hot topics as corruption reveals braveness and pleasure ... it is a joy of hope that the new generation knows how to further advance our country in the future. More than the prize won by our students it is worth mentioning the fact that they are capable of defending their goals and cooperate with friends as a team for the general good; to work endlessly even in late hours; to present full of fluency and flexibility a civilized figure which makes really proud all parents and teachers.

What they found above all was the fact that life is not easy and in order to surpass all storms of life everybody should always be fighting with dignity whatever the final result of battle would be!