Competition Between Business Classes

The second phase of the competition between third year students was held on January 22, on business branch. The subject of the competition was: sales, their possible cases. The students did some presentations on PowerPoint regarding teaching programs themes.  Part of the jury, except the business teachers, was also a teacher of Mathematics. The jury had difficulty selecting the winning class, students had worked with dedication and seriousness and their presentations showed high level.  Class winner was determined by questions made to one another from the representatives of each class. Winner for the second phase of the competition was declared class 3.5.

On January 28th, the business club organized an activity with presentations from students of the fourth year, in the professional practice subject. Students presented different project on their improvised companies: objectives, mission, vision, etc. One of the elements of the competition was creating web pages, facebook and instagram for these companies.  They share their experience for all invited people in the event, especially for the students of high school and for the students of the third year, business branch.