Arduino Day 2017

The International Day of “Arduino”, 1 April, found “Harry Fultz” students in premises of Youth Center. This activity was organized in a special day, which honors the programmable processor Arduino, as a pioneer of promotion of creativity and desire to discover, work and study as much as possible. There were numerous presentation accompanied with demonstrations, as part of projects realized through this platform.

Among projects in this activity we can single out creations of “Harry Fultz” students, and this due to creativity in offering a new idea, well realization and total functionality. Three projects of the Robotics Club were part of this event and they were all projects belonging to this year. Our Institute was really worthy and successful with its project of Robotic Arm, which took commands through a cell phone Android and the Transporter, Smart Home, and a robot which could receive commands The Broom.


  • Robotic Arm and the Transporter: Sindy Kola, Nesti Haxha
  • Smart Home: Ines Muka, Erin Dobjani, Aldi Shehu
  • The Broom: Enkel Çela, Endi Ndregjoni