Institute “Harry Fultz” welcomes Startup Weekend


May 6-8 turned back one of the most important activities of entrepreneurship, Startup Weekend Tirana on its sixth edition. In a meeting of longer than 54 hours, groups of developers, business managers, enthusiasts of startup, advertisers, artists of graphics and other people, affectionate after such activities who display their ideas on establishment of new companies.

This activity is part of a competition, whose foundations, more than in organizational aspects lay on the creation of a positive atmosphere in a friendly competition profitable for all participants. Startup Weekend Tirana 6.0 offered a golden possibility to enable relationship between new talents and entrepreneurs of local community. The activity was organized in “Harry Fultz” by a group of our students.

This edition was honored by the presence of Mr. Ryan Roberts, chief of public relations in US Embassy in Tirana, who said: “Do not be afraid of failures. Do not be afraid to think out of the box. Be always ready to work as a team and be open to other’s ideas. All skills you will develop during this activity will be implemented during life. That’s why you should use knowledge properly, require the problems to be solved, and make your country be proud of you. Some mentors and trainers in this event were: Blerim Gjelidani, founder of Euro Trade Albania, Edlira Kasaj, enthusiast of startup community, Erton Graceni, former advisor of Information Technology and Communication close to Prime Ministry, Endri Mataj, head of Startup Grind Tirana and many well know personalities in ICT community in Albania. The Activity Agenda of Startup Weekend: Day one: Meeting and set up of groups; Day two: Learning and Working; Day three: Presentation and selection.

All participants in this edition were under 23 years old. Some 14 groups of pupils and students participated in the event.

Bid Market – Winner of First Prize in Startup Weekend Tirana 6.0. Bid Market is an application which enables people to buy or list their articles to be sold within your city or quarter. This application is based on your location, which means every time you are looking for something, results on your screen will be the ones closer to your location.

Fixlab – Winner of Second Prize in the Startup Weekend Tirana 6.0. A car equipped with a mobile laboratory in it comes to your house to serve you as soon as possible. There is no need for you to interrupt your job or lose time by “hunting” the service point/ technicians to solve out your problem.

DollApp – Winner of Third prize of Startup Weekend Tirana 6.0. DollApp is an application which will make digital your current wardrobe. Through this application you may realize different combination.