November red letter days at “Harry Fultz”

November arrived again. Motherland love is naturally distributed in the air as a necessity, as if November holds the independence smell. This atmosphere is impossible not to involve every one. This pride and love for our motherland runs jointly with our blood in our veins.

This time under the topic “Antiquity of Albania language”, the premises of our library were all colored in red and black representing Albanian soul, traditional costumes, folk music, projects on Albanian language and heartfelt interpretation. This is the Albanian heart and soul, so warm and inviting with traditional foods beloved by us. Our traditional clothes were shining as always for years in succession, the music which holds aloft our spirit as it is the voice of mother and further on you are surprised when you see dances under the same rhythm as centuries ago with same attraction and magic. It was exactly in this atmosphere where projects were introduced with a variety of topics focused in: antiquity of Albanian literature, first Albanian documents and authors, the role of Gjergj Fishta and Mitrush Kutelit…etc. Of course in such an activity it would be impossible to be missing the heartfelt interpretation of poems selected by Mitrushit creations like “E madha është gjëma e mëkatit” and that by Gjergj Fishta with “Metamorfoza” and “Lahuta e Malësisë”.

From Fultz we wish you Happy National Days!!