Diploma Day, a tradition of our school we are maintaining as a sacred one. This is a philosophy our Institute inherits from ages and Fultz students know it very well: “THERE IS NO READY MADE WAY! WAYS ARE OPENED THROUGH WALKING!”. It is nice to listen students talking so full of faith for their future. After a tiring four year work, their diploma day embraces in it countless emotions for them. All gathered together, students, parents, teachers and special invited ones, congratulate and estimate each-other achievements. Moments of nostalgia were not missing of course, thankful for events which made many have tears in eyes. This event was not an ending but a starting point for a wider horizon. These are future intellectuals who would govern our country. Full of dreams, hopes, ideas and a endless spirit to change Albania as “Harry Fultz” said himself: ”INTO A DIGNIFIED COUNTRY WHERE IT IS WORTH LIVING”. The philosophy of “Harry Fultz” Institute, is that knowledge is the way to younger generations success, and students of this year graduation have shown this through their results in exams, championships, debates, competitions, artistic activities, in their daily activity. This is what makes you feel proud of. May you be sucesfull in your life maturity students of year 2016!! You have left your trace at “Harry Fultz” Institute as a sign all coming generations will follow!!