Club business’s activity in the professional Practice subject

On February 22, IV5 and IV6 classes of Business Profile presented in our library different projects on: "Market Research Project - Statistics" and "Marketing questionnaire, advertising a new product in the market”.

These are some topics chosen by the students:

IV5 Class - The use of tobacco and drugs. The aim was to recognize their negative effects and preventive measures. The second topic was the creation of WEB pages, social networks and implementation of an advertising activity. This topic relates to marketing firms improvised by the students.

IV6 Class: How much and how is it recognized the educational potential of the Harry Fultz? The objective was to introduce valuable opinions and suggestions for improving this potential in accordance with market demands.

To retrieve the results of these studies, the students worked in groups for weeks in some secondary schools in Tirana. The survey included about 250-270 students from these schools.

These are the results of the statistical analysis: a) first topic: Significant tobacco use by students of secondary schools. The questionnaire was also emphasis on the negative effects of smoking and drugs. b) Second topic: Based on the demands of the students, it was found that in general terms the school meet the needs of students. Most of the students were interested in the various activities that take place in our school. Presentation of research studies and statistical analysis presented by IV6 class was rated by the commission as the best in achieving the goals.