Business Club

"BOOM" Activities at Harry Fultz: This time the Business Club holds its second phase of the competition between business classes in the subject of professional practice. This competition brought emotions for pupils who presented their projects and the ambition to be awarded classes. The topics were: "Buying and its cases" and "Selling and Buying in a company”. Classes were represented with two PowerPoint presentations and two posters, one for each theme. The presentation "Buying and its cases" contained information concerning: definitions of purchase, the purchasing process, purchasing cases at a company, subsequent accounting, customer’s behaviors and illustrations from real businesses like ETC and COIN. While the presentation "Selling and Buying in the company" contained information concerning: the sales department, purchasing, manufacturing, their interaction when missing a product in stock, the purchase of raw materials at affordable price and quality and illustrations by visiting Beer Stela.

The first presentation was made by III6 class, which brought information on consumption, its impact on the economy, the definition of acquisition, the purchase and subsequent accounting cases, the role of the departments...etc. All work was illustrated with two posters, one for each subject.

The second presentation was made by III7 class, which was focused on customer’s behaviors, the decision-making process, the cases of purchase and the history of the Gallery center. Their work was also illustrated with posters. The atmosphere among pupils was friendly, through the spirit of competition and ambition to win. Towards the end of the activity both classes made questions, encouraging the discussion, each class brought arguments in defense of their answers.

Students got entertained and strengthened the knowledge gained in the classroom. Presentations were rich with information and aesthetic appearance. The activity was led by the subject teacher Mimoza Marjani, the head of the business department Vjollca Latifi and guest teacher Aida Rembeci.