The 33-rd Balkan Mathematical Olympiad in "Harry


The Balkan Mathematical Olympiad of 2016 chose Tirana, and precisely "Harry Fultz" Institute to hold the 33rd edition of it, after a long and successful experience in many other Balkan countries. For “Harry Fultz” Institute was a privilege which offered the possibility of the successful day of competition of the 33rd Balkan Mathematical Olympiad.

This Olympiad was organized by the Albanian Association of Mathematics in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and the support of "Harry Fultz", Vodafone, etc.

More than 11 Balkan countries, including Albania and 9 other countries were part of the Olympiad with their representatives who ran through various tests during the 5 days of the Olympiad. Some of the participating countries were: Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Moldova... etc. Albania as the host country was represented by 2 teams.

This competition positioned Albania and its talented students in the center of the world of mathematics in Balkan, considering that Albania has contributed not only with the participation of its talented students in years where they got prices, but also in the formulation of tests and corrections in collaboration with their colleagues in the Balkans.

Harry Fultz Institute gives many thanks to the event organizers and participants who transformed the school yard and HF classes, into a "nest" to the future of mathematics in the Balkans.