"Advanced Robotics"

For the second year in succession the Robotics Club comes with a successful complete project. "Advanced Robotics" was called this year’s project, with a higher level of difficulty and responsibility than that of previous year.

Students were allowed this year to build whatever they could fantasize. Some groups choose to reconsider the previous year ideas of two drones built during this school year (a Quad-chopper and a Hexa-chopper) and a Balance Robot, whose purpose was to perform motions being balanced on two wheels. The other groups came up with innovative ideas as: the construction of a Robotic Arm, which was controlled by a smart-phone and whose purpose was object shifting and organization; a CNC Machine, which takes an image from the computer to sketch it on a piece of paper; a Rover (mini tank) that performs movement in difficult terrain and locates human beings; and last a robotic hand that can imitate the movements of a human hand.

A great assistance to the Robotics Club was provided by a Three Dimensional printer device, which enabled the realization of all the solid structures of robots. In the end of demonstration, the final products resulted all operational and functional.

The Work of several months concluded with a presentation of 31 students of electronics branch, “Robotics Club” members in the school library in the presence of teachers and school student. During this project our students cooperated with 4 students of the Polytechnic University of Worcester and under the direction of teacher Enxhi Jaupi. We are thankful to these talented students, we are really proud of them!