“Ability Olympiad” Fair

During the days of 21, 22, 23 May 2016 in Expocity was held a Fair entitled “Ability Olympiad”, where participated several vocational schools from all over Albania. At Expocity, Professional Schools, Professional Preparation Centers and dozens of private companies, were all together for the first time in a Fair! And of course “Harry Fultz” Institute would be present there with its components: High School, Community College and the Workshop.

The message this fair tried to convey was youth invitation in choosing vocational education. Incitement of professional education, is actually not only an emergency need of economy for qualified workers, but it is becoming a trend the younger generation are trying to follow. “Abilities Olympiad” revealed in the best possible way this trend.

Music live and fantastic installations of ships, car models constructed for exhibition, engines and Eiffel Tower in miniature, invited people to visit one of the most special fairs opened in Expocity. Another special element of it was the age group it was focused to they were from 14 -15 years up to 18 years old.

Our school participated in this special fair with a serious presentation by Robotics Club. The window was filled with fantastic different projects and students, who were ready to explain and calm down the heated curiosity of visitors. Some projects were that of: “Hexacopter” presented by Klea Bega, Darius Vishkurti and Sebastian Sula; “Robotics Arm” presented by Nesti Haxha, Gabriel Kuka, Kamber Vogli; “Robotic Hand” presented by Geri Capo; “CNC machine” presented by Medion Vorpsi, Enxhi Hoxha and Irdi Caushi; “Rover”, “Cub LED” and small demontrative projects for the part of Arduino and sensors which are mailnly used in robotics projects. A novelty was the 3D printer which was operational during the whole time to concretely demonstrate to visitors how these projects were constructed.

The interest was high and the presentations were made with dignity for the reputation of “Harry Fultz” Institute. Numerous young boys and girle part of this Fair or visitors instead of spending a day in vain in front of a PC plays useless games spend it in a real world to make most important things of their life – coming closer to their profession.