“8 People More” Comedy

In one of the sunniest days of March, the theater stage of HF High School was captured by the magic of scenic art. Strong emotions were experienced by the comedy "8 people more"; irreplaceable emotions. This comedy showed us that passion, desire, intrigue, derision, criticism, self-criticism are part of our human life. As a collective art, theater showed that actors not only were in harmony with each other, but also provided an excellent relationship with the public, from one scene to another. The audience was full of students, teachers and school leaders, who enjoyed everything: words, gestures, costumes, and musical of our performance. For about an hour, the scene was captured by the magic. The students of the third year donated emotions and endless laughter to all participants.

The literature teachers took care of the performance: Alma Berberi, Luesta Metani, Suela Shala and excellent students: Edsi Menaj (in Philip’s role), Denis Krasniqi (Cerciz’s role), Erinald Metaliaj (painter’s role), Edison Shima (episodic role of the donkey), Luna Gaci (Ballkiz’s role), Lisja Zeqja (Ermenixhilda’s role), Maria Marash (Mereme’s role) and Klaudia Ndreu (Flora’s role). The student Figali Velaj took care of the actors’s make up. The comic and ironic characters, by logic and physic, soul and voices, performed through a qualitative performance, generating huge characters.

The beautiful and surprising game of actors, the set prepared by the working team, costumes and portraits impressed the public. Interventions between parts, accompanied by the music, phone rings, etc, were helped by the talented work of Elvis Kokoshi and Arxhoi Shehu. It seems that we gave life again to the biggest personalities of the Albanian theater, the writer of the comedy, Mr. Ferdinant Radi and the great personality of Roland Trebicka. These personalities inspired our students, giving them the opportunity to perform successfully. The success was huge, thanks to everyone: students and teachers. Everything was magic. Therefore, the invitation of our students to the next theater is filled full of love and pride, reminding that: Always there is a place for you in the theater…