"Harry Fultz" High School is one of the leaders’ schools in the Albanian secondary education. There are many ex students, today professionals in various fields who have made successful careers. It is important that these former students of "Harry Fultz" expressed their desire and interest contributing to the progress of the school.

Starting from this point of view, the former students of the school "Harry Fultz" created the Alumni organization. This organization will have as main objective the establishment and optimization of communication between former school students, current students and teaching staff to establish bases of a fruitful cooperation.

This organization will create programs for the development of activities within and outside the school for former students, to visit and support the school, encourage the participation of graduates in these activities, implement programs that provide opportunities former students, to contribute to the development of the school "Harry Fultz", experiencing again the past years of high school society.

This organization and former students of "Harry Fultz" have the potential not only to remember once lived unforgettable experiences of high school years, but also to recognized our school as a leader in the secondary education in Albania, to develop it further and to feel proud to have come out of its banks, to advance the slogan of "Harry Fultz" - "Work to make your country a worthy place to live in."

Greetings from former students:

Enkeleda Dervishi
I’m happy to see the "Harry Fultz" website. There were six years since I left Albania and this site brings nostalgia for my friends and teachers. I am happy that I studied at Harry Fultz-of and I do have very beautiful memories. Now I live in America and I miss Albania and high school society.
Respectfully, your former student!

Andi Koritari – Kendall College, Chicago
First of all I wish you for this initiative. Secondly I wanted to express my desire to get involved in the activities of Alumni, because my years at "Harry Fultz" remain among the most beautiful years of my life and meeting with teachers, friends or old friends will rekindled beautiful memories.

Etion Kapedani
My memory is engraved with the knowledge gained in "Harry Fultz" high school. The experience offered by this institute is truly unique to Albania. Acquired knowledge is oriented toward American education system, and the students of "Harry Fulltz" have priority compared to other high school students. Especially when it comes to higher education abroad, the study methodology in the "Harry Fultz" helps a lot. Even more special is the attention of this school to all of them who have studied in these banks and today are successful professionals. "

Enelda Delli – Universitety of Tirana – Economic
I congratulate you on the new website. I remember with nostalgia the Fultz school years-the and whenever I come to meet teachers, my eyes are filled with tears. My desire is to have constant contact with the school as I still feel part of it. With respect, your former student!

Avis Andoni-France
A HF teacher said the first day of the school: "Close eyes and when you’ll open, you’ll find yourself throwing your hat in the graduation ceremony" ... and it was! The time passed fast, fiive full years! This school helped me to have a beautiful past and a solid education for the future. Far from my country, I try to do my best to honor Albania and I am proud that I was educated in the "Harry Fultz". The idea of being in touch with my formers makes me happyl and I want to thank you for this initiative that unites all "former - fullcistat". L'Important c'est trouve le gout de la vie. Je pense un gout qu'y avai la bas chez nous! C'est trop deja qu'on a pu le trouver.
Bisous a tous!

Arbi Pulaj-Austin University, Texas
5 years in the "Harry Fultz" were fantastic. I can not forget those beautiful years that are part of the high school. I can not fail to remember the teaching staff friendly reviews. Now I live in Texas and I can say honestly that I really miss my high school and my friends there.

Arisa Kapedani – Carleton University
Alumni idea is really fantastic. Life brings us to different flows and it is interesting to see after many years the high school friends. Regarding to the school… "If I was to do it all over again, I probably would;"

Admir Tane
There are 7 years since I graduated from "Harry Fultz". I'm looking at the site and feel that I have something to write. Many of what I have achieved, is merit of this school. Because no one better than us, knows what harmony is offered by this school, sorrunded by high fences, very strict out. Big thanks to managerial staff and teachers who deserve indisputable respect. Once again, thank you "Harry Fultz"!